Wendy's Waiting Child: Moriah

COLUMBIA (WACH)--Moriah is a creative teenager

"I love to read, write, draw, I love playing sports," says the 17 year-old.

Her list of favorite activities doesn't stop there, "I like to write poetry, I love writing and creating my own stuff based on my feelings."

She also has a few favorite authors to draw inspiration, "I like Toni Morrison cause I read some of her books and I like Nicholas Sparks and Sharon Draper."

Moriah says she hopes to one day help others in a major way.

"I was looking into cardiology," says Moriah, "I like helping people with the core of them. Like my core is I want to help people give them a chance to live because I haven't had a chance to really live yet."

Moriah's looking for a family that's interested in music,"beacuse I like singing but I don't really like singing in front of people so i'm trying to get used to that."

Moriah is in foster care but we can change that.

For more information on Moriah or apdotion services, contact The South Carolina Department of Social Services 1-888-227-3487.