Wendy's Waiting Child WACH- Christopher

Christopher is looking for a family.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Christopher is a friendly 16-year-old looking for a family. He is very active and likes to spend time with others.

Chris describes himself as nice, cool and funny.

Christopher is going into the 9th grade this year, something he says is a little intimidating.

He is a former honor roll student. His weak subject is math, so heâ??ll need a family thatâ??s willing to work with him on the fundamentals.

Christopher is also passionate about sports. â??My favorite sports are football, baseball and basketball,â?? says Christopher. â??My favorite football team is the Steelers and in college itâ??s South Carolina.â??

When heâ??s not in school or cheering on one of his favorite teams, he also likes to spend time with animals, and like most boys his age, he likes to play video games.

Christopher says he knows what kind of family heâ??s looking for. â??Someone that would take care of me and would like me around,â?? says Christopher.

For more information on Christopher and other children up for adoption, call the South Carolina Department of Social Services at 1-888-227-3487.