Wendy's Waiting Child WACH-Zakery

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Zakery is a very active 14 year old who likes to play sports.

"I like it all, says Zakery, "riding my bike and exercise."

When he's not getting in a good work out you can find him turning pages

Zakery says, "I like to read, like action books, or like something that's thrilling and all like won't bore you out."

When it comes to a career, Zakery says health and helping others is important.

"I want to go to a job that will give you good insurance for my medication," says Zakery

Zakery wants a family that will be just as active as he is and be there for him.

"I want a family that doesn't treat me bad and will help me out a lot," says Zakery, give me guidelines whether I like them or and help me out.

For more information on Zakery and other children up for adoption, call the South Carolina Department of Social Services at 1-888-227-3487.