What an anniversary surprise!

SUMTER (WACH) - As if a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party weren't enough, Ray and Betty Blanchette had no idea one more big surprise was coming their way.

That's because they had no idea who I talked to just 30 minutes earlier...

"I actually have been in Kuwait for 4 months and my aunt originally set the party up. And so she said 'Hey, it might be a nice idea if you could come back." says Ray and Betty's son, Air Force Colonel Wayne Blanchette.

So while Wayne hid in another room, Ray and Betty were treated to what they thought was a simple video "shout out" from Wayne...who they thought was still in Kuwait.

But were they in for a surprise when Wayne walked in the door moments later.

So what were they thinking when he walked through that door?

"I thought I was probably in another world." says Ray.

"It was so exciting to see him. Just overwhelmed." Betty smiles.

And it turns out Ray and Betty just might have wished Wayne to appear.

"He said he was going to be out of contact for a while and I said no way." Ray says.

"And I said wouldn't it be nice if we got to see Wayne before we left to go to Hawaii...And here he is!" says Betty.

And even though Wayne has to go back to Kuwait the day before Thanksgiving, the family still has plans to celebrate together.

"I think we may try and do Thanksgiving tomorrow because my sister and my niece and nephew have to leave very early Sunday morning. So I think we'll find something good to do tomorrow for Thanksgiving...Whatever it is." says Wayne.

As long as this family is together, it looks like it will be a very happy celebration.