What is PASOs?

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Though immigration may seem like an issue miles away, it's actually a thriving topic right here at home.

So much so there is an organization dedicated to developing healthy Latino communities here in South Carolina.

PASOs works on bridging the gap between Latino communities and the health care system.

The community based organization also helps Latino families navigate early childhood and other social services.

Since PASOs is able to build a relationship with Latino families, those families often trust pasos to help them with difficult situations.

"We're able to reach folks and help them deal with the challenges they face in terms of fear of coming forward. Fear of reaching out and being known. Fear of connecting to resources. And we're able to help them get through that." says Julie Smithwick, the executive director of PASOs in Columbia.

PASOs has six program locations and supports people from 28 counties across the state.

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