What to do if you flubbed up your tax return

"If I ain't crying yet, I'll be crying later," said a man as he waited to file his taxes.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Monday at midnight marks the deadline for filing your 2012 tax return.

If you are one of those racing to beat the clock, make sure you enter the numbers right.

"This year I did the same thing that I've been doing for the last couple of years, but when I went to file, I forgot the last three digits on my account number," said Solitaire Goldfield, who lives in Forest Acres.

Goldfield mistakenly sent her $3,000 tax return to an unknown person. After entering her bank account number wrong on her tax return, she is struggling to get her money back.

"I kept talking to my bank and I kept talking to the IRS and they kept sending me back and forth between each of those, so they kept, I guess, pointing the finger the other direction," said Goldfield.

"Every now and then it'll happen," said Montgomery Owens, a senior tax advisor at H&R Block.

According to Owens, getting the money back after entering the wrong account number could take weeks or even longer.

"You have to make an appeal in writing -- in some cases go down there and talk to the individuals involved to try to get that money back into your account," said Owens.

He says a more common problem is missing the tax deadline. To avoid that, file an extension before midnight on Tax Day.

"An automatic extension gives you six months to file your tax return beyond April 15 with one understanding," said Owens. "If you owe taxes, they expect you to pay the taxes when you file your extension."

According to Owens, if you don't pay taxes by Monday's midnight deadline, the IRS will charge you a late fee, but if you don't owe anything and are expecting a refund, you don't have to worry about that fee.

To file an extension on your taxes, get a Form 4868 from It will take about 45 minutes to fill out.