What would losing $40 a week mean for you?

COLUMBIA,SC (WACH) -- With a compromise over the payroll tax cut looming, The White House is asking Americans, what does $40 mean to you?

For an average American family, the expiration of the payroll tax cut means they will be shelling out $1 thousand in extra taxes per year " about $40 a pay check.

The White House is using a hash tag on Twitter " #40dollars " and their Facebook page to engage in conversation with the American people. The hash tag was trending on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

Some of your responses have been collected on Storyify by The White House.

The White House has 2.5 million Twitter followers and has been retweeting a range of responses.

Bill Swallow, from upstate NY according to his profile, tweeted: "#40dollars is about what I pay ever week for my kids' school lunches."

Ryan Oliver, whose profile says he's from Syracuse, tweeted: "40 dollars to my family is the equivalent of our car payment for each week ($160/month)."

Christine Bondi wrote on our Facebook page, saying: "And since the average month has 4 weeks or more, that's over $160 per month. $40 may not sound like much, but $160 is a lot when you're struggling to get by."

A user from upstate New York tweeted: "is most of my medication for a month or almost a full tank of gas here in upstate Ny"

One user, Jessica Kate, tweeted: @whitehouse #40dollars is a box of diapers & 4 gallons of milk, or a week's worth of gas, or groceries on my tight budget.

Kathleen Garenai, whose profile says she's from Syracuse, NY, tweeted: "#40dollars feeds my best friend Keeli May for 2 months. WOOF!"

Another user, Garland John Gates, who identifies himself as a member of Shelby City Council in Ohio, tweeted: #40dollars means a working Ohioan can pay the fee to take The #GED Test.

.@whitehouse #40dollars is school lunches for 1mo or water bill for 2 mos.; or meat budget for 1mo w/coupons, loyalty card & store specials, user Gloria Attar tweeted.

What does $40 mean to you? We want to know how this could impact you in the Midlands. Leave your comment below, on our Facebook page, or tweet us @wachfox with #40dollars. We may read some of your comments on air Friday!

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