What's right in the community: Trey's Treats

Trey's Treats

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Three years ago, Trey Lewis was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and going through Chemotherapy. During Treyâ??s treatments, like most cancer patients, he experienced cravings.

The most dominant of those cravings? Goldfish.

Trey has been free of cancer since October.

After years of treatment, Trey, now 6-years-old, is full of life and paying it forward. He had the idea of finding other kids going through Chemo and creating baskets full of their favorite treats to fulfill their cravings.

He approached his mother, Missy Lewis, about the idea and without a beat, she and Treyâ??s family jumped on board to make their little heroâ??s dream come true.

Missy Lewis says their family learned many lessons from Treyâ??s cancer diagnosis.

When Trey was asked why he wanted to do this, he said, â??I wanted to give back because I knew what it was like to have cancer.â??

Destiny, a 4-year-old girl with the exact same cancer as Trey, received a basket full of her favorite treats from Trey in the WACH Fox studio, just hours after being in treatment. Wearing a smile and her fuzzy hat, Destiny immediately began digging through her goodies from Trey; there were gift cards, sweet treats, and of course, Trey had to give his signature goodie, Goldfish.

We also followed Trey to meet a very brave 12-year-old boy, Reggie.

Reggie was diagnosed in 2011 with bone cancer and lost his leg. Doctors said Reggie was in remission, but at a check-up in January, he found out his cancer was surrounding his lungs and heart.

When Trey and his family found out about Reggie, they immediately wanted to have Reggie as a Treyâ??s Treats recipient. They met up at his favorite restaurant, Oâ??Charleyâ??s in Lexington.

Trey and Reggie had met briefly before at Camp Chemo. Treyâ??s mother had been keeping up with Reggie and was devastated to hear Reggieâ??s cancer had spread. They added a special touch to Reggieâ??s basket: a garnet bow for his love of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Reggieâ??s basket was filled with all of his favorite things, including Sour Patch Kids which takes the metal taste from Chemo out of his mouth.

Reggie says that he is thankful for Treyâ??s Treats. Itâ??s a reminder that kids with cancer can stick together.

Treyâ??s Treats is more than a basket full of goodies; itâ??s bringing smiles, one treatment at a time.

Treyâ??s goal is to give 100 baskets a month and with your help, he can make this happen. For more information on how to do donate, go to

This 6-year-old shows that anybody can give back. If you know of anyone else doing â??Whatâ??s Rightâ?? in the Midlands, contact Bree Boyce at