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      When does motivation in sports go too far?

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - It's been the most talked about suspension in the last 24 hours, USC Men's basketball head coach, Frank Martin, suspended after having a sideline outburst with freshman guard, Duane Notice.

      Licensed professional counselor, Steve Arneson, has worked with players like Notice, and says while he does not agree with Martin's style of motivation, where one draws the line is up to them.

      "The line is whatever is going to be accepted, if yelling is accepted, the line will be yelling," explained Arneson.

      Arneson adds that with motivation come the basics of a coach trying to get inside the players head, and getting the highest level out of the player.

      "When he's getting inside a players head, he's looking to motivate an individual," said Arnerson. "Motivation can be done by rule of fear; it can be done by motivation. You can use tone of voice; you can use words, language, or anything else.

      In Frank Martin's case, expletive language was uttered to the freshman during the sideline conversation.

      As a result, Martin will miss the last season game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

      "I think what a new coach has to do is understand themselves, and sometimes understand that younger players, they're not always going to do what you want them to do," concluded Arneson.

      Associate Head Coach Matt Frigger will act has head coach during this Saturday's game.