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      When flood warnings become beneficial

      Hopkins, South Carolina (WACH) -For those of you looking for adventurous activities to enjoy, don't let the rain stop you from going outdoors.

      Rain or shine, the Congaree National Park will be open for business.

      Unlike most activities, the rain does not put a halt to visitors. Instead, visitors at the park enjoy watching nature take its course.

      "Flooding here is absolutely natural,â?? said David Shelley, a research specialist at the Congaree National Park. "It's actually supposed to be here."

      Shelley says the park collects rain from a water shed out of the Appalachians. He adds that all of the plants and animals benefit from the water.

      Currently, parts of the park are under water due to the constant rain. Shelley says flooding brings out the beauty of the park when one looks into the water to see the mirror images of the scenery.

      The Congaree National Park holds plenty of history from the trees that have been around for thousands of years to the wildlife that used to run free.

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