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      When you see blue lights pull to the right

      RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WACH) - Continuing his efforts of keeping citizens and the community safe, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is asking motorists while on the road to be aware when they see blue lights and to respond correctly by pulling over.

      "We would ask that everyone if they see our blue lights or hear the sirens to look in the rear view mirror and if they see us to slow down and move to the right," said Deputy Rudy Osteen. "Put their signal on and move to the right safely so that we can proceed past them."

      While blaring sirens cause some drivers to panic, Deputy Osteen says law enforcement officers responding to an emergency call do their best to make sure all drivers are safely pulled to the side before passing by.

      "We prefer them to move to the right so that we can proceed around them, but there's nothing wrong with it if there's a paved median for them to move to the left if they feel that they can't safely move to the right," added Osteen.

      Osteen adds that if a driver decides not to abide by the law, they can be charged with violating the Move Over law.

      "The Move Over law is the only thing they can be charged for in the circumstance where there is an emergency scene , police officers or firemen on the shoulder of the road way or EMS and they fail to slow down, use due care, and move to the left," said Osteen.

      Officials also tell WACH Fox if a driver fails to pull over, they can also be fined. The fine starts at $270.