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      Where's the justice?

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - "Why" was the big question for people of the community marching for victims of criminal violence.

      In wake of the recent crimes committed by individuals with a criminal past, State Senator Katrina Shealy says it is time for judges to step up and take charge in the justice system.

      "The main goal here is for judges to not put violent criminals back in the streets," said Shealy. â??Weâ??re going to make sure that if you do, when you come back up for re-election, we're going to know it."

      Families involved in the "Where's the Justice" march crowd were the children of Kelly Hunnewell, a mother of four, who was gunned down and killed at a bakery. Parents of Carter Strange, who was brutally beaten in Five Points, were also amongst those marching for justice.

      "If we can keep it from happening from just one more person, because we made the laws harder. That's a victory," said Vicky Strange.

      The march started at the corner of Pendleton and Sumter, ending at the Statehouse steps.