Who really wins during Tax Free Weekend?

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Melanie Nickle took advantage of her lunch break Friday to run out and grab some back to school supplies for her two children.

"Some folders, some binders, some notebooks and markers. Things to get them all started. Some bookbags possibly." says Nickle.

Nickle isn't alone in her search. Plenty of people have the same items on their shopping list this weekend.

Stores like Dollar General are anticipating more back to school shoppers like Melanie, and are stocking up their school supply aisles for Tax Free Weekend.

"We've got lots of everything. We've got plenty. We've got this aisle, we've got another aisle. We've got plenty of endcaps with back to school. We've got plenty of sale items for them while the weekend's in progress." says Pam Martin from the Dollar General.

Other popular items so far have been the bedding and bath products as students at local colleges get ready for another school year.

All these shoppers combined seem like a winning combination for South Carolina's economy.

However, University of South Carolina retail expert Marianne Bickle says Tax Free Weekend isn't as profitable for the state as you may think.

"It really doesn't have an enormous impact on our economy. But what it does do is it says our government officials are saying you know what, we're trying to say thank you." explains Bickle.

Nickle certainly appreciates the gesture and hopes to take full advantage by ticking everything off her family's back to school list, hopefully saving some money in the process.

"I'm going to be shopping the rest of the weekend. Going to go the malls probably as well. Looking for some clothes, stuff like that-bookbags, accessories. Those kinds of things to just get us ready for the beginning of the school year." says Nickle.

A plan that will likely be shared by thousands of shoppers who have their eyes on back to school gear for their children.

Dollar General will also be offering teachers an additional 20% off certain school supplies until September 8th.

Teachers simply need to show their I.D. to get the discount.

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