Will Muschamp Defends Deebo Samuel and Skai Moore


South Carolina head football coach Will Muschamp was at Quails Hollow in Charlotte early Monday afternoon to discuss his team's opening football game against NC State at Bank of America Stadium on September 2nd. The game is this year's "Belk College Kickoff."

Muschamp, however, was most vocal about his players Deebo Samuel and Skai Moore, who he said were falsely accused of assaulting a man in Five Points in Columbia.

"I trust our guys. He wasn't there," Muschamp said, speaking of the phone call he had with Deebo Samuel the day the accusations were made public. "I think it's sickening that these two men have been put through this when they've done nothing wrong."

Muschamp also made it clear he wasn't happy with the way some media outlets handled the situation.

"The gross inaccuracies of The State newspaper sickens me," he said. "Since I've been in Columbia, (they have) been phenomenal young men in how they handle their business... He (the editor) wanted to stand by the incident report. Since that time, we haven't heard anything. We haven't heard an apology. We haven't heard a retraction. We want an apology or a retraction."

You can watch coach Muschamp's full statement in the video above.

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