Wine, Dine, Design: Giving never looked so good

Models ripped the runway Monday night wearing local designers.

COLUMBIA (WACH)--Local charities and designers flock to the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center to give back.

Its a night that fashion lovers dream about

"I would love to get in the fashion world," said one Kenneth Shuler hair model.

Wine, Dine & Design drew hundreds of fashionistas to the capital city monday night.

"It is just an outside of the box look. Not your ordinary runway look," another model explains just what the term Avante-gard means.

"Everyone wants to take a picture, so I feel good."

Between the wining and dining, local designers Annabelle Laroque and Sergio Hudson shared their excited about being a part of the event.

"It just feels so good to have my Spring line on the runway to support such a great cause," said Laroque, "It just feel really good to be here."

Sergio Hudson said, "

Its really great to honored in your hometown you know, I do a lot of things out of state and get recognized a lot but its great to get noticed from home."

Local designers could not be outdone by fashion guru Steven "Cojo" Cojocaru.

"I was really excited to have a celebrity and our dog was just fantastically surprised," said Jennifer Rogers of Palmetto Animal Assistance Life Services (PAALS).

And not only that but Rogers says it was charities supporting charities.

"This is just a great event, we are glad to be here and be a part of of such a great cause which is like a sister organization to us," said Rogers.

Finally the stage is set and models rip the runway along with those who the night was really all about, s

tudents from The School of the Deaf and Blind.

The Wine, Dine, & Design Fashion Show was hosted by the Walker Foundation to raise awareness and funding for the school.

The show left Cojo, a man that's never short for words, speechless.

"I don't know what to say," said Cojo, "I was blown away, and it takes a lot to blow me away. Its about giving back and we're all here for that reason. Columbia gets an A + + + +."