Woman comes face to face with would-be thief

A trip to Five Points turns chaotic for a Columbia woman, when she comes face to face with a would-be-thief. But she says that wasn't the end of her problems.

A quick stop Sunday at a Midlands pharmacy turned into trouble.

"I saw a gentleman sitting inside my son's Cadillac Escalade," said the Columbia woman.

She says the uninvited passenger was trying to steal valuables from the car. Before the would-be-thief could get away, her son jumped in.

"My son was behind me and he snatched him (the suspect) out of the car," said the Columbia woman. "And he said, 'Whatever you have you better give it to me.'"

While her son held down the suspect the Columbia woman called police. WACH Fox News was there as things unfolded. When officers arrived the woman says she felt victimized again.

"The police came and she (the police officer) questioned the victim instead of the person she needed to talk to," said the Columbia woman. "She was too busy saying she was going to arrest me--because I had an attitude when I said 'It took this long for a cop to come in Five Points?' And she (the police officer) said you better get back because you're going to jail."

According to police records it took officers nine minutes to arrive on the scene, which meets department protocol.

Sergeant Chris Butzer with the Columbia Police Department will not talk specifically about this case. But he says officers have a difficult task diffusing sometimes volatile situations.

"They have a responsibility to make sure it's somewhat contained or safe for those to be there," said Sgt Butzer. "And then they will get down into more discovery of finding out what specifically was the problem and how to find those solutions."

The Columbia woman says without her son and the community coming to her rescue, things could've been worse.

"I thank Fox News because the guy that works for the news station he helped me--and I thank him very much," said the Columbia woman.

Police spokesman Brick Lewis says no complaints were made against the officer. And he adds the victim has decided not to press charges against the would-be-thief.