Woman shoots gun at burglars, scaring them away

The three men broke in through the screen window of the home garage.

ELGIN, SC (WACH) -- Three suspected burglars are in jail after a woman shot at them when they broke into her house.

"They're not gonna come in my home and violate me," said Stayce Green. "My daughter was in there."

When she awoke at 4 a.m. to three burglars in her garage, Green says her first instinct was to get the gun.

"My house got broken into 18 months ago," said Green. "They kicked this back door in, so I felt like I was being violated once again, and I wasn't gonna let them get away with it."

The three men broke in through the screen window of the home garage. When the alarm system didn't go off, they went on to rummage through the car before heading on to the second garage.

"And they cut that screen open and went inside," said Green. "The alarm went off.... So I went to look out the window, seen the flash lights, so I just started shooting at them."

"I was like what if they shoot back?" said her daughter Brionte. "I'm telling her to come in the house, and she's outside shooting."

Green fired two rounds of bullets down towards the garage.

"I started shooting from the deck, and he said, 'Oh s---,'" said Green. "I couldn't tell how [many there] were, but all I could hear was them running. I know it was more than one."

"I wasn't gonna let them get away with it -- not this time -- so I felt like I had to do what I had to do."

Deputies arrested Zachary Keegan, 23, William "Cody" Grooms, 23, and Richard Morgan, 18.

Investigators believe the men are responsible for several other burglaries and break-ins in Kershaw County.

All three men are charged with multiple counts of auto break-in, burglary and larceny.