Women bare it all in North Carolina to make a statement

Asheville (WACH)" Women were baring it all in North Carolina over the weekend to make a statement about equality.

Go Naked Day, 2011, an annual event for at least 12 cities across America on Sunday for a group of woman and men, to protest what they call inequality.

The group called Go Topless bared it all in the streets of Asheville, as they work to erase the social stigma associated with women exposing their breasts. The protesters say it TMs unfair only men can take their shirts off in public. All the woman in attendance were asked to go topless, and the men were asked to wear bikini tops or bras.

One event observer said I think it TMs beautiful, the whole idea was to raise awareness and let people know and women know that they have this right here in this state and we TMre lucky to have them.

Another agreed with the protest, but saying I think they can do whatever they want to do, it TMs ok, but it TMs a little silly.

The organizers pick cities where it is not illegal to be topless, which includes Asheville. According to WHNS-TV , Asheville police Lt. Wallace Welch said Our position is that certainly is legal in the state of North Carolina to do such, and that they should feel comfortable doing that, going on to say that the police department monitors all such activity.

According to, it is acceptable for men to be in public without covering their breasts, so women should have the same right. The founder of the movement, Rael , says that As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right.

Rael goes on to make the point that if women must cover up, so should men.

The group is planning a march on Washington DC on August 26, 2012, which is recognized as Woman TMs Equality Day , marking the day women were given the right to vote in 1920.

Do you feel that there is an inequality in the social stigma when it comes to females covering their chests? How would you feel about such a protest in Columbia? Leave a comment here, or on our Facebook page.