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      Wrestling Legends find a real warrior in Richard Culliver

      CAMDEN,SC (WACH) -- It was a night full of legends and future wrestling stars, but the warriors in the ring weren't the ones that brought hundreds to their feet and tears to their eyes.

      It was a little boy from Lexington who's beating the odds.

      "I looked around and there was more girls crying and when we lifted him up and put him in that ring and saw his face, how he lit up... that right there was worth all the work that everybody put in doing this event," said Sgt. Scott Smith with the Camden Police Department.

      Richard Culliver's journey took him into the ring with two big time wrestlers.

      WWE hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan and TNA Impact superstar Gunner.

      After learning about Richard's love for wrestling and his miraculous journey in life, these two tough guys were ready to make another dream come true.

      "I've been to war, I've seen this, I've seen that. A real warrior is a kid like Richard that fights every day of his life and defeats the odds when someone says he's not going to make it through a certain amount of months.

      The kid stood up, got in the ring by himself tonight, and smiled and had a blast. That right there is a true warrior," said Gunner.

      "When you see a young man like Richard come to our shows, a young guy who's full of nothing but fight, but loves professional wrestling, it can't help but give you a total different out look on life. What's important in life you worry about you're job, you worry about security, you worry about money, you gotta worry about health it's something totally different," said WWE legend Jim Duggan.

      Richard's mother Stephanie McMillan says she's continuing to see an overwhelming amount of support from the community and knows this moment is a day Richard and his family will be talking about for years to come.

      "He was proud, he felt like he belonged and you could see it when he raised his arm to show that he wanted to show his strength standing next to those guys and show that he wasn't much different, that he was just as strong but just a different kind," said McMillan.

      A strength that these superstars say make Richard a true champion.