You can buy everything online, even your breast milk

COLUMBIA (WACH) - A report came out recently explaining the dangers of purchasing your breast milk online.

Bacteria like salmonella was found in samples researchers purchased from popular online websites.

And medical doctors do agree that breast milk bought online isn't the best route to take.

"Purchased breast milk leads you into unwanted infections. It can cause harm to the baby with the mother trying to do the right thing." says pediatrician Dr. Guy Castles.

One midlands mother definitely agrees and says it wasn't even a thought whether or not to breastfeed her baby girl.

"When she was born, it wasn't an option to do anything else. I knew it was best for her, best for me, and there's no negative side to breastfeeding her. It was a good bond for us and I felt like it was the best thing." states Jenny Gray Tatum, mother to nine month old daughter, May.

And she believes purchasing your breast milk from someone you don't know isn't the best road to take.

"I personally would not go that route because I think my milk is meant for my child. I do understand that there are some people who have trouble with the breastfeeding and need to go a different route." Tatum says.

And if at first you're having difficulty breastfeeding your little one, don't get discouraged because there are plenty of options out there for you.

"We have a perfectly good alternative and numerous baby formulas. They're safe and babies grow well on them" explains Castles.

Or you can seek assistance in trying to help your baby learn how to breastfeed from you.

"There are a lot of lactation consultants now. We had a great one through our pediatrician who was actually free. I just had to call her and set up a meeting because she did have issues eating at first." states Tatum.

But little May doesn't have any issues eating now and is a healthy, happy baby girl.