Here's your sneak peek of the new USC School of Law building

usc law school.png

The University of South Carolina took us inside its new School of Law building for a sneak peek.

Its architectural design features unique qualities to enhance learning and the clinical law experience which will make all the difference for their law students.

You've driven past it along Senate and Gervais Streets since its building began in 2014 and now we're finally able to take a peek inside the new home of the University of South Carolina's School of Law

"Been building it now for the last three years and we've moved the library in and we're starting to move the people in," explains the USC School of Law Dean Robert Wilcox.

From the 17 new lecture halls featuring modern technology helping to bring an enhanced learning experience in the classroom to the historically crafted courtrooms and open spaces, this building takes student studies to the next level.

"Lot more collaborative work space for students to learn from each other. Learn from professors," says third year law student Patrick Bradley.

"We want this building to send a message that students and faculty work together," says Wilcox.

And with the big windows in the classrooms and an adjacent courtyard, students can now see the light which is something the old building lacked.

"If you were in there all day, we would some times have back to back classes. You wouldn't see the light of day until you were going home for dinner," adds Bradley.

"The really great thing about this building is what it does for students. This is going to be a great building to be a student in law school," adds Dean Wilcox.

Gearing up for a future full of success.

This new School of Law building still has some decorating to be done, but it plans to officially open its doors for classes just in time for the first summer session of classes as of May 29.