Zais to ask for NCLB waiver

COLUMBIA (WACH) - South Carolina Superintendent of Education Mick Sais says he'll ask the US Department of Education for a waiver on certain No Child Left Behind requirements.

The law, signed by President George W. Bush nearly 10 years ago, required states to meet certain federal guidelines through standardized testing. Several states have complained the law is too punitive.

"We expect the US Department of Education to issue some guidelines specifying what a waiver request should contain and we think our accountability system here in South Carolina will meet those guidelines," said Zais.

President of the South Carolina Education Association Jackie Hicks says she hopes Zais seeks input from teachers before revising the accountability standards.

"Everyone now is a one sized fits all approach, so you have to make sure that we're looking at the different groupings, and testing them on their level," Hicks said referring to the standardized tests given to all students regardless of skill level.

Hicks also said schools can be penalized when students move to other districts or return to get their G.E.D. after dropping out. She thinks those policies should be changed as well.

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