Colonial Life: Celebrating 75 years as a community and industry leader

Celebrating 75 years as a community and industry leader

COLUMBIA (WACH) - In 1939 Edwin Averyt and Clifton Judy opened a small local insurance company in Columbia with just two employees. Their mission was to offer people piece of mind to know that in a worse case scenario, Colonial Life Insurance and Accident Company had their back. They became a cornerstone of the community, living and breathing the values of the greatest generation.

Seventy five years later, many changes have occured but those same values are still the driving force of Colonial Life. Growing to become a nationwide industry leader and local steward of goodwill keep the good people at CL plenty to do. They employee over 1,100 residents here in the Midlands and over 12,000 across the country. Each and every one of those people, from sales associates to Randy Horn, President and CEO are helping people daily.

Sometimes that help includes being there during a crisis, and offering comfort and security when a person needs it most. Sometimes that help is giving companies, large and small the opportunity to offer coverage to their workforce. Other times that help includes donations and volunteerism across a spectrum of arts, athletics and education. In 2013, they put over $2 million dollars back into the community, to hospitals, schools, and teachers. They actually seek out creative ways to contribute to their causes, such putting up $750 every time USC scores 75 points at a home game to celebrate their 75 years in business. Cool, huh?

And it's not just lip service, if you were to walk around their modern office complex and atrium, you'l see signs promoting wellness everywhere. Literally. The faces of their associates are used to illustrate their mission of empathy and compassion. They offer their employees a wellness center to stay fit, and a color-coded salad bar in the Colonial Cafe and Grill. They have a deep understanding that keeping your workforce happy and healthy decreases liability and increases productivity, and everyone at Colonial Life can consider that a win-win situation.

If you're interested in knowing more there are plenty of ways to find out news and information, from their website, complete with a corporate blog ... to social media like facebook , twitter and linkedin.