Get Ready: Arctic air pushing toward the Midlands

Get Ready: Arctic air pushing toward the Midlands


LAKE WIND ADVISORY Monday 7:00AM - Tuesday 7:00AM

Portions of the Midwest are battling brutal temps and they're headed for the East coast! Since we don't usually have arctic air masses blowing across the Midlands, proper preperation for wintery conditions are not always front of mind. Thankfully, we're not expecting a lot of precipitation, however overnight temps will drop into the teens and we could see some windy conditions. This could lead to falling limbs which could take out your power. Here are a few reminders to keep your family safe and comfortable this week:

Make sure you have enough food, water, and medications for a few days

Gas up the car and charge up your phones and tablets

Bring your pets indoors

Cover your sensitive plants and vegetation, or bring them into a garage or shed

Use alternative heating devices properly and safely (make sure your fire and carbon monoxide alarms have fresh batteries)

Check in on your elderly neighbors and family members

Let your faucets drip a little to keep pipes from freezing (also be familiar with how to turn off your water valve in case pipes burst)

For a more detailed list of ways to prepare check out the checklists on SCEMD and CDC Emergency Preparedness websites

If you plan on travelling, make sure you stay informed with SCDOT road conditions and FAA flight delays.