HealthWACH - Keep kids moving

HealthWACH - Keep kids moving


Running is not only physically stimulating, but it helps mentally and socially. Running is a cardio exercise that primarily works the heart and lungs. This helps to pump more blood into the body and makes the heart grow stronger. For someone who is fit and performs a lot of cardio, their heart rate should be at around 45 to 50 beats per minute. For someone who is not in shape, and does not perform much cardio, their heart rate should beat 75 to 80 beats per minute. Those who consistently run experience the â??runnerâ??s high.â?? This feeling happens when endorphins are released while exercising. Running is also known to give people more energy, and an increased stamina.

Running provides many benefits, like weight loss, reduces stress, increases brain power, and it is good for the heart. Running also prevents cancer, eases anxiety, grows cartilage, saves skin, improves hearing, prevents migraines, and builds muscle. These physical and emotional benefits lead to a healthy lifestyle and longer life.

Chicago Run is a nonprofit organization and was founded in 2007 to help kids in elementary and middle school stay active. Due to budget cuts within school systems, physical education was sacrificed for academic programs. To keep kids active throughout the school day, the organization meets with the schools site coordinator to find safe running grounds for the kids. The runners are rewarded in reaching their incremental mileage goals by incentives, events, and other surprises, usually donated by sponsors. The kids are also educated about running, along with nutrition and overall well-being. The childrenâ??s data is recorded and then entered into the database.