HealthWACH; Get hip to medical identification



Near field communication, often referred to as NFC, is a way to communicate through smartphones and tablets. A cloud like server stores a personâ??s information by NFC then transmits the information to the connected device. This is usually the method used for sharing photos and videos online and now it is being used for personal medical records and information through Samsung cell phones. This is a beneficial and easy method of locating a personâ??s medical history.

By creating a HealthID profile (HIP) online, you can update your medical information, history, and records, such as X-rays, EKGâ??s, MRIâ??s etc. to a server. This server holds all personal information that is entered in the personâ??s profile and it connects to a band, card, or cell phone. Once the account is created, a code is sent to the user and then the access is granted. A NFC chip is implanted in these devices, administering a userâ??s information.

This HIP band was created by Angelo Pitassi, Jr. in hopes that this would bring relief to people who battle with disease, sickness, or serious physical injury. This simple technology allows emergency respondents, doctors, and family members to see a personâ??s medical information if emergency were to strike. It can be looked at as an electronic medical file for emergency personnel to access when needed. This is very convenient for the elderly and sick. All they need to have on them is the band or emergency card, and they are safe if anything were to unexpectedly occur.