HealthWACH: Healing with lasers

HealthWACH: Healing with lasers

COLUMBIA (WACH) - When the skin comes in contact with something hot, cells in the skin die. The depth of the injury depends on the intensity of the heat and length of time that it is applied. If severe enough, the full thickness of the skin can be destroyed, along with tissues under it. Burns can also result from contact with certain chemicals. Burns are classified by the depth of each the injury so that the appropriate treatment is used.

  • First Degree: superficial-redness of skin without blisters

  • Second Degree: partial thickness skin damage-blisters

  • Third Degree: full thickness skin damage-skin is white and leathery

  • Fourth Degree: 3rd degree with damage to deeper structures, like tendons, joints, and bone

  • There are many different types of burns. Heat burns (thermal) are caused by fire, hot objects, heat, steam, or hot liquids. Cold temperature burns are caused by skin exposure to windy, wet, or cold conditions. Chemical burns are caused by contact with household or industrial chemicals in a liquid, solid, or gas form. Natural foods, like chili peppers, contain a substance that irritates the skin and cause a burning sensation. Electrical burns are caused by contact with electrical sources or by lightning. Radiation burns are caused by the sun, sunlamps, tanning beds, X-rays, or radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Friction burns are caused by contact with any hard surface like roads, carpets, or gym floor surfaces. Breathing in hot air or gases can injure your lungs. Breathing in toxic gases, like carbon monoxide, can cause poisoning in the lungs.

    â??The basis of scar treatments are what we call the fractional ablative lasers. And one of the ones I use the most is the Luminous UltraPulse. Thereâ??s a group of physicians across you know really the world, but definitely here in the United States and when we got together and we said to luminous, you know one of the things we need is a laser that can go as deep as the scar. Because some of these scars are very thick especially on the back and burn scars. And so luminous created some software called scar effects and that software can go 4000 microns deep. Our current thinking and what weâ??ve seen improves scars. The Luminous UltraPulse coupled with that new software has really been a great tool to help with scars.â??