HealthWACH: Male breasts - A growing problem



It is becoming more common for men to have breast surgery in the U.S. In 2011, there was a 6 percent increase of men who were going under the knife for breast reductions. â??Moobsâ?? is a term used to describe man boobs and is more common than we think. Man breasts form in two cases; clinical gynecomastia and excess fat. Clinical gynecomastia is a condition that defines male breast enlargement. This may stem from increased estrogen levels and decreased testosterone levels or a hormonal imbalance. In the situation that a male were to accumulate more fatty tissue, this is a sign that the excess fat in the breast is causing â??moobsâ??.

In some cases, gynecomastia may go away on its own, but in others, medications and surgery are needed. After consulting with your doctor, ask which treatment option is best for you The medication that is prescribed to men with this condition is used for breast cancer treatment. If surgery is your next decision, then you are given a choice of a liposuction or mastectomy depending on the situation. The liposuction procedure discards the fat in the breast but not the tissue and a mastectomy will remove the breast gland tissue. A mastectomy is a less invasive surgery and does not require much down time.

Florida surgeon Dr. Daniel Man created a surgery for patients with gynecomastia. The procedure is performed through laser and suction tactics that extract the fat in the breast. To do so, a cannula is placed under the skin and connects to a vacuum-like machine that removes the excess fat from the breast. The procedure is conducted under anesthesia and requires 1-2 weeks of recovery. Little maintenance is needed to change dressings for the first couple of days and bed rest is recommended. This surgery is said to be life changing and it provides patients with a new sense of confidence!