HealthWACH:Reverse vaccine stopping Type 1 Diabetes



Type 1 diabetes when the body is not producing enough insulin. This disease is commonly diagnosed to children and young adults, previously named juvenile diabetes. Type I diabetes involves constant pricking to measure blood sugar levels and continuously injecting yourself with insulin because the pancreas is not producing enough. There is no cure for type I or type II diabetes yet, but there are ways to keep healthy and stable. Most symptoms for type I diabetes consists of:

  • Fatigue

  • Weight loss

  • Unusual hunger

  • Increased thirst and urinating often

Because there is not a cure for diabetes, patients need to take insulin every day for the rest of their lives. Commonly, insulin is administered through a pump, needle or pen depending on the patient. A few ways that patients can help with type I diabetes is to maintain a healthy diet, exercise often and monitor blood sugar regularly. Doctors suggest that patients keep blood sugar levels between 80 and 120 before meals during the day and 100 and 140 before bed.

A new vaccine is being studied to potentially reverse type I diabetes with just a simple shot. This vaccine manipulates bad cells that ruin insulin with DNA while preserving the good cells in the pancreas. This will reduce or get rid of patientsâ?? complications with the disease and will free individuals of injecting themselves with insulin. This treatment is still being researched and will be the first DNA vaccine on the market.