JFK 50th Anniversary: Midlands man remembers the day he buried a president

Sgt. Felder recalls his experience carrying the casket for John F. Kennedy


It's a day most Americans will never forget the day we lost President John F. Kennedy.

James Felder of Sumter will carry the weight of that day more than most... literally. Sgt. Felder was one of eight soldiers who had the honor and burden of retrieving JFK's body from Dallas and staying by his side until he finally laid him to rest in Arlington Cemetery. He witnessed the autopsy, the embalming and Mrs. Kennedys words when she decided to have a closed casked. he saw John Kennedy, Jr, then just three years old, step up and salute his father for the last time.

Watch this compelling interview for a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the last days leading to our slain president's funeral.