Man who drove cross-country with girlfriend's corpse says he cared too much for her

DETROIT (WACH/FOX NEWS) â?? The man drove cross country with a dead body in his passenger seat says he didn't report her death because he 'cared too much for her'.

Several Detroit media outlets report a 62-year-old man drove from Michigan to Arizona to pick up his girlfriend at a mental health facility and completed the round-trip with her dead body in the passenger seat after she overdosed.

The unidentified man picked up the 31-year-old woman on May 31, at a facility in Phoenix, with his 92-year-old mother riding in the back of the van in her wheelchair.

Police say the unidentified passenger ingested oxycodone pills after stopping at a gas station in Arizona on June 1, and died a short time after, according to several reports.

The man did not determine that the woman was dead until she failed to respond at two additional stops in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Police say he then used his cellphone to search what he should do, and decided to continue the drive to Michigan in the van with no air conditioning.

Police said he propped the womanâ??s body up in the passenger seat and placed sunglasses on her face, and a stuffed animal in her lap.

The Arizona mental health facility that the woman had previously stayed at called police after he informed them of her death.

Police met the man at his sonâ??s Michigan house Monday, but no charges have yet been filed.

"I just lost a very close friend," he told a newspaper.