Should 'Bert and Ernie' get married on Sesame Street?

Sesame Street characters Bert (right) and Ernie / Courtesy Wiki Commons

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- For more than 40 years Bert and Ernie have lived together on the popular children's show Sesame Street. The pair share a bed and take baths together; that has led some people to speculate Bert and Ernie are more than just friends.

Now, just weeks after the legalization of gay marriage in New York there is a cyber campaign pushing for the show's creators to have the pair get married.

An online petition calling on Sesame Street to marry Bert and Ernie has more more than 9,000 signatures as of Tuesday.

Despite a statement by Sesame Street that Bert and Ernie are best friends and "do not have a sexual orientation" the buzz surrounding the new campaign has sparked national news coverage and late-night talk show conversation.

A Facebook group called Bert and Ernie Get Married has more than 7,000 fans.

That page was quickly challenged by opponents of gay marriage with another Facebook group called Bert and Ernie Should NOT Get Married. That group has more than 700 fans.

What do you think about the controversy over whether Bert and Ernie are gay and should get married?