USC Professor speaks on possible military action against Syria

USC Professor talks possible military action against Syria

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- After last weeks suspected poison gas attack in Syria that left a death toll estimated from several hundreds to 1,300, the US and several other countries are considering taking military action.

President Obama says there is no doubt Syria launched chemical weapons against its own people. British leaders are saying the world must stop Syria chemical weapon use.

USC Professor Joel Samuels says while several allies want to take military action, itâ??s not a unanimous view around the world. â??This is not a case where the United States is looking to intervene because we want to influence Syrian politics.â?? said Samuels."Weâ??ve actually stayed out of this civil war for quite a long time. Itâ??s the potential for use of chemical weapons at a mass scale against the citizens that has us ready to responds in a military way.â??

Samuels goes on to say Russia and China strongly oppose military action. He says that taking without their support could have global implications.

President Obama said that he has not made a decision about whether to conduct a military strike in Syria.