WACH LIVE: Latest on Oregon HS shooting

Reynolds High School

TROUTDALE, Ore. (WACH/KATU) -- Authorities will be releasing new information on Tuesday's school shooting in Oregon that killed one student Wednesday afternoon. (WACH live here)

The shooting at Reynolds High School sent ripples of sadness through the Troutdale community and beyond.

Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday night to support one another and pray for the victim's family.

A student-organized vigil for Emilio Hoffman, the teen shot and killed Tuesday morning at Reynolds High School, was held at Walt Morey Middle School one mile from the Reynolds High campus.

Reynolds High School is closed until further notice. This time last year Hoffman was finishing eighth grade at Walt Morey so people went there to band together for him.

â??It's going to affect everyone regardless of if we knew Emilio or not,â?? said Jaylen Edwards, a senior at Reynolds High School.

Edwards said he didnâ??t know Hoffman well. He sent a Tweet Tuesday morning, after the shooting and before Hoffman was identified as the victim, calling for students to have a vigil for the victim. Other students coordinated the vigil and helped spread the word.

"At the end of the day we can come together for a great cause and support Emilio and his family,â?? Edwards said.

At least 500 people showed up to Walt Morey Middle School for the vigil. Everyone held candles and stood under a covered outdoor play area.

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