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      Waldo Canyon Fire victim struggles to rebuild

      COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. (WACH) - Bobby Finch, a man who lost his home in the Colorado wildfire, is having trouble picking up the pieces.

      We first introduced you to Finch three-and-a-half weeks ago when WACH Fox reporter Brian McConchie talked with him right after Finch was first allowed back to see his burned-out home.

      Finch said at the time his goal was to rebuild his home on the same lot.

      Now, he is frustrated with the lack of progress and road blocks preventing him from starting the rebuilding process.

      "I'm doing my best trying to get these people working on it," said Finch.

      Finch has been working on getting a clean-up estimate for the past two-and-a-half weeks from GE Johnson Construction Company but after making calls to the man in charge and sending emails he's getting annoyed, according to Fox 21 News.

      "I told him when are we going to get the email, he said I don't know but I'll check on it and call you later on. I'm still waiting on a call," Finch said.

      FOX21 News called GE Johnson to figure out when they'd be able to clean-up Finch's property and for how much.

      The construction company said they will give their customers a response Friday. Home clean-up can take between two-five days with low estimates starting at $2,000-$3,000.