WASTE WACH: Did the government really spend millions on wrist watches?

The Federal Government spends a lot of taxpayer money on wrist watches.

WASHINTON (WACH) â?? Government watchdogs say the Pentagon spent an obscene amount of money on wrist watches, but that's only half of it.

The Pentagon's defense logistics agency recently spent $650 thousand or more than $12 million on more than 1500 Casio made watches.

Watchdogs say it's hard to know which figure is accurate because the order form was heavily redacted, but itâ??s likely it was not the higher figure. Still, the government accountability office says it points to a much larger issue; the watches like most Pentagon purchases come from a sole-source contractor. That means it's not put out for competitive bid.

The Washington Times analyzed the GAOâ??s recent findings. â??The Pentagon has said that it has this sole source contract with Casio because economic data on wrist watches was unavailable," says Kellan Howell of The Washington Times.

Why does the Pentagon not shop for the best price? For more on that part of the story click here.