Dress-wearing 'presidential candidate' Robert Haines released from jail

Robert Haines being arrested by Columbia police Wednesday afternoon outside the Sheraton Hotel on Columbia's Main Street. / Courtesy Wesley Donehue

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Self-proclaimed 'presidential candidate' Robert Haines, 64, was released on bond from the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center Thursday morning a day after being arrested on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges several blocks from the State House. Haines, who was wearing a purple bathrobe-style dress and cowboy hat at the time of his arrest, has quickly drawn attention from State House politicos and journalists in recent days for a series of bizarre public stunts.

Haines told the bond court judge Thursday he is in South Carolina because he is running for president and has campaigned in the state 47-consecutive days. When asked where he is staying, Haines said he is a member of a fraternity and is staying with members from the local chapter at the University of South Carolina.

The fraternity's South Carolina alumni chapter president said Thursday morning Haines is not staying with the fraternity.

Last week the Department of Public Safety barred Haines from entering the State House or its grounds for "impeding state government and the general public safety" after he interrupted House lawmakers by yelling at them from the gallery.

Columbia's Free Times newspaper reported having Haines "kicked out" of its offices. Republican political consultant and WACH Fox Pub Politics contributor Wesley Donehue has also reported via Twitter multiple incidents of Haines "hounding me and my staff" at his downtown office.

Haines has been repeatedly sighted in recent days campaigning late at night in Columbia's Five Points. A Facebook page contains multiple pictures of Haines wearing a campaign shirt alongside college-aged students. He is also seen dressed in a Confederate soldier's uniform.

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