Sumter County couple adopts 33 kids

Kathie Migliaccio has devoted her life to raising children.

Kathie Migliaccio always dreamed of a big family.

I always wanted 10 kids, all of them boys. My husband wanted four, so we compromised, said Kathie Migliaccio of Sumter County.

Kathie and her husband had seven biological children. They TMve also adopted 33 -" many of whom have special needs.

The Migliaccio TMs wanted to give a home to children that might not otherwise have a chance.

People aren TMt looking to adopt kids with special needs, says Kathie. There are families out there that will, but a lot of parents want that perfect little child.

The decision to adopt so many was an easy one.

With a family, special needs children are able to develop so much further than being in foster care, said Kathie.

In the last 39 years, the Migliaccio TMs have not only grown bigger, but closer as well. Biological daughter Angela Parker moved from up north to be with her family.

I don TMt know if I could do it, says Angela Parker, so it TMs a good thing that there TMs somebody out there that can do it.

She and her sister Michelle Amoroso help with the day-to-day chores. While they were growing up, both women were often asked how they could live with so many different personalities.

I wouldn TMt trade a thing, says Michelle Amoroso. I don TMt want my life to be any different than it was. I believe I didn TMt miss out, I believe that I gained more by having a family like this.

Kathie admits money is tight. She works as a shadow for a special education student at Crosswell Drive Elementary School, while her husband is on disability.

She says some of her children get financial help from social security and other government agencies.

One thing I told my kids as they were growing up, I TMd say you know when dad and I got married we had two choices: we could have a very few amount of kids and a lot more money, or a lot more kids and not so much money. We went for a lot of kids and no so much money, said Kathie.

The house is filled to capacity with a total of 20 people living under one roof. But one thing is for sure, there always seems to be room for one more.