Holiday travel hang-ups

The Columbia Metropolitian Airport was busy on Wednesday with holiday travelers.

This season has been a bumpy ride for travelers. Officials are scrambling to get south Carolinians to their destinations by ground and by air.

We had to send some passengers on different routes, and some had to stay overnight, which I TMm sure wasn TMt enjoyable, said Valerie Harris of Greyhound.

An early winter storm last week caused bus stations and airport delays across the nation. Just days before Christmas, people are finally getting to their holiday destinations.

Everything is okay right now, says airline passenger Cassandra Jackson, who is flying to Minneapolis. I haven TMt had any problems yet.

On Wednesday, most passengers were able to fly out of Columbia Metropolitan Airport with little to no delays, but flight destinations to the Midwest are another story.

John Hutt was on his trying to make his way to Chicago for Christmas.

I have been watching the weather up there and it looked like it was supposed to be okay, but I guess its now sleeting and snowing, said airline passenger John Hutt.

John was supposed to fly to Charlotte to Chicago, but like so many travelers this season, he TMs having to adjust his plans.

We TMre actually going to drive back from Chicago, says John, my wife is up there already.

Officials suggest checking your flight status before heading to the airport, just to make sure everything is running on time.