Pedicab offers new way to cruise through Downtown Columbia

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- It's full speed ahead for Capital Pedicab owner Scott Fulmer.

On Tuesday, Columbia City Council approved a license required for Fulmer to operate his foot-powered business.

It seemed like something Columbia needed with the transportation issues we have here, Fulmer says.

During the past several years, three-wheeled services have only been a novelty along area streets. Fulmer who wants to avoid any potholes that could slow him down is hoping Capital Pedicab will become a permanent transit option for both residents and tourists.

I would like to run 12-to-14 hours a day, seven days a week, Fulmer adds.

Right now, Capital Pedicab is a two-vehicle, four-driver endeavor operating at night Thursday through Saturday between Main Street and the Vista.

Fulmer would like to eventually expand to include Five Points and USC.

Capital Pedicab is fueled by tips only.

It gets people interested in it and gives them the ability to pay what they feel the service is worth.

Fulmer says he has been test driving his business concept for nearly two weeks, and in that time he has learned an important lesson "- if you fall, get right back in the saddle again.