Riverbanks Zoo makes another tall announcement

Calvin, the newest addition to the giraffe herd at Riverbanks. / Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Another giraffe calf is now on display at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

The zoo announced the July 27 birth of Calvin this week, two weeks after the announcement of another giraffe birth.

Officials at Riverbanks say the new 4-week-old calf is now part of an 8 member herd. Six of them have been born at the zoo since 2009.

In recent years, the Zoo TMs mammal department has put a lot of effort into increasing the number of giraffes that reside at Riverbanks, explains Curator of Mammals John Davis Now that we have a full house, we will refocus our attention on maintaining that large number here at the Zoo.

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Despite being only four weeks old, the giraffe is already taller than most people and weighs in at over 130 pounds. Adult giraffes can grow to be almost 20 feet tall and weigh up to 2,600 pounds.

Calvin was born to parents Charlie and Krissy. The other recent birth was from another set of parents.

Calvin and the rest of the gang can be seen at the zoo's African Savanna exhibit.

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