SC Global climate roundtable

SCSBC Climate and Energy Business Roundtable at The Clarion Hotel, Tuesday Afternoon

The S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce is trying to envison the effects of global climate change on the palmetto state, falling into fields as diverse as toursim, agriculture and transportation.

"It really depends on the rate of change." Says Dr. Harry Miley, Principal of Miley & Associates, Inc. and Visiting Professor of Economics at S.C. State University. "Obviously, if we have 100 years we can adapt and mitigate efforts. If it's quick, then the desctruction to the economy would be a lot more rapid." He continues: "Less rain, higher temperatures. Infrastructure costs might be higher, water might be more scarce. We'd see tremendous costs to local government."

Turning this potential disaster into job creation is high on the Chamber's list, with programs such as the federal emissions cap potentially leading to new green industries. For more information on green jobs, visit