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      Community geared up for rivalry week in Columbia

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - It is rivalry week in the Palmetto State, and fans are using fashion to make a statement.

      "It's a big deal if you have a big shirt and it say's you're a fan of USC. If you're not, it's wrong to be a Clemson fan," said Krystal Horton.

      But Carolina fans aren't the only ones having fun with the rivalry.

      "The rivalry is really kind of fun it's something fun to joke about. I like the ones making fun of Carolina," adds Hallie Hardin.

      The SC place at Columbiana mall has everything covered for rivalry week. The most popular items are t-shirts poking fun at Clemson.

      Store manger John Blacklocke says rivalry week paired with Black Friday is a chance to cash in, and these shirts bring the fans running.

      Some fans are even going beyond their wardrobe to show their team spirit. Clemson and Carolina candy is popping up around. Employees say they have learned you cannot mix and match the treat or fans might throw a flag.

      As usual, diehard fans don't need any help making their game day decisions.

      "Clemson is going to win. I think they can do it this year," said Hardin

      "USC is going to win, about five percent is what Clemson is going to have if they do win, but I mean there not," said Horton.