Baseball exhibit takes Palmetto state down memory lane

The "Hurah! here" exhibit at USC's South Caroliniana Library shows history of the game in the Palmetto state.

COLUMBIA (WACH)- America's pasttime has become much of the present here in the Palmetto State with its recent success, but how much do we really know about its past? USC's South Caroliniana Library takes us on a journey through the old ball game in South Carolina.

The exhbit "Hurah! Baseball... is here" on display features stories, photographs and memorabilia dating back to the late 1800's painting a picture of baseball's past in the state and how it has evolved over time.

Co-curator of the exhibit Fritz Hamer documents that the games' origin in South Carolina was played between Civil War troops.

"After the war, the game really started to take off in places like Columbia and Charleston," Hamer said.

Once the game started to grow, colleges began adding the sport.

"Carolina's first varsity squad was 1896. Clemson followed two years later," Hamer said. "Other schools around the state started developing teams in that period so that you had a growing rivalry between the schools along with baseball and football."

Although it does not touch all bases of the state's history associated with the game, Hamer hopes that people will take away more than they already knew.

"It's a drop in the bucket," Hamer said. "Still, it gives people an idea and hopefully it will motivate them to track down more of the stars that came out of the state."

The exhibit is free and open to the public. It will run through August 10.