Chuck Martin happy to be joining Gamecock basketball

Chuck Martin.jpg

There will be a new Martin joining the South Carolina men's basketball coaching staff, and it's not one of Frank Martin's siblings.

Chuck Martin, an assistant coach at Indiana for three seasons, is replacing Matt Figger as the assistant coach for the South Carolina men's basketball team.

While Martin has a lot of experience being behind some of the biggest names in college basketball, he thinks he can help some of the young Gamecocks adjust to the team after their Final Four run skyrocketed expectations.

"Although they're joining a program that just went to the Final Four, they haven't played in a Final Four," Chuck Martin said. "Helping those guys grow and develop every day is something I think I can add."

For head coach Frank Martin, it didn't take him long to know Chuck was his guy.

"A light bulb went off in my head, that I think Chuck would be tremendous," Frank Martin said. "From the first time he and I spoke, he became candidate number one and that never changed."

Frank Martin, in a very humorous mood at the press conference today, also joked that he is not in the running for South Carolina's baseball coaching spot.

"I know you're all sitting and trying to figure that one out," Frank Martin said. "I am honored and blessed... isn't that what everyone puts on social media? I am honored and blessed to be the basketball coach."

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