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      Darlington Raceway presses on

      DARLINGTON, S.C. (WACH)- Despite losing one of its races on the NASCAR circuit ten years ago, Darlington Raceway still serves as one of top venues the sport has to offer.

      Racing enthusiast Harold Brasington saw what the Indianapolis 500 had, and wanted to bring it to his backyard in Darlington, South Carolina. Harold King watched Brasington make his dream become a reality.

      "He had the tenacity of an 800-pound bull, and he charged," King said.

      Brasington bought a piece of land and began piecing together what would become a 1.36 mile egg-shaped landmark of asphalt and excitement.

      "I've seen this track grow from a cotton field to what it is today where you get 80,000 people coming to town," King said. "65,000 of them are in the race track, it's quite the impression."

      NASCAR eliminated the Labor Day weekend race at Darlington in 2003, and it did not sit well with people.

      "I'll never forget this one woman who wrote a letter saying 'You're making a mistake,' and she had never even been to the track," King added.

      Although it has lost one tradition, that has not stopped the small town from continuing to build another on Mother's Day weekend.