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      Darlington's Raceway Grill adds to the history of a legendary track

      DARLINGTON, SC (WACH) -- The sounds and smells are getting stronger for Earnest Scurry at Darlington's Raceway Grill.

      Scurry sees more burgers being flipped and waitresses racing food to their customers this time of year. For nearly 20 years, he's been shifting into high gear when NASCAR comes to town.

      "All the people at NASCAR, they talk about the Raceway Grill everywhere they go. I reckon that's what makes it unique," said Scurry.

      Scurry says the restaurant was built around the same time as the track and used to be a little hamburger stand.Through the years it's grown into the restaurant it is today.

      He says for many years, NASCAR legends including Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt and Darrel Waltrip would stop by for a chance to taste the food that has become legendary on the NASCAR circuit.

      "They just come in and talk to us like me and you sitting there talking. I mean they weren't, ya know, trying to be snobby or nothing like that; they we're just down to earth people," adds Scurry.

      "They come here because it is so famous and the fact that they want to be part of the legend of race way grill also," said Marshall Flowers, Darlington Resident.

      While the restaurant's popularity peaks during that one week in May, Flowers says business is always racing in and out of the legendary restaurant long after the checkered flag has been waved.

      "Just a place where locals come and it's the same every time you come, the hamburgers, the hamburger steaks, just a neat place to come." adds Flowers.

      "I'm proud of what we got, we try hard we try hard to please the crowd," said Scurry.