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      Fans pumped for The Southern 500

      DARLINGTON, S.C. (WACH)- An infield full of rv's the roar of the engine that means NASCAR is back in town and fans going all out for this year's Southern 500.

      "Once I came to the infield the race became secondary. It's all about hanging out with friends, New friends and having a great time," said Todd Arwine.

      "NASCAR fans are so more loyal cause they'll show up and stay all day never get excited and just take their time getting in and enjoying the whole event," said Carroll Edwards.

      From small campers to million dollar rv's, you'll find it all in the infield.

      We found a small 1940's camper tucked away between elite top dollar vehicles.

      A few camp sites over we found one dedicated Earnhart fan who wrapped his camper as a tribute to the number 88.

      He says when fans see it they get excited and many take pictures when he's pulling into the track.

      "You had to go get everything approved, have to get everything inspected but everything worked out good JR. was the only one that would let me do it," said Wayne Jernigan.

      Probably the most impressive was this rv worth nearly a half million dollars.

      The sides push out giving you plenty of room for a long week on the road.

      Five high def tvs inside and out and it has possibly the best seat in the house, a roof deck that gives fans a clear view of the entire track.

      "From here it's very comfortable we can see the replays which you can't see if you're live it makes it a lot of fun," adds Edwards.

      A sign of the character of fans at NASCAR events was on display Friday.

      Todd Arwine's close friend, who was excited for this year's trip to Darlington, died unexpectedly so they are dedicating this trip to Richard Carroll Jr.

      "We're honoring him we're gonna have as many people and or drivers sign this flag as we can," adds Arwine.