Former Clemson star Hopkins a quick study at NFL level

HOUSTON (WACH/AP) -- Houston first-round pick DeAndre Hopkins is learning a lot from Andre Johnson, even if the star receiver doesn't say very much to the rookie when the two are on the field.

The former Clemson star gushed about his relationship with his new teammate Monday, saying the notoriously quiet Johnson sometimes simply gives him a look to let him know his performance isn't up to par.

â??He really doesnâ??t say too much to me, but he gives me that look sometimes when I do something wrong,â?? Hopkins said. â??I kind of know I didnâ??t do my assignment. He just kind of gives me that look like: â??You could have done better.â??â??

Hopkins says he feels bad when he gets that look from Johnson and it spurs him to playing better. The former Clemson star has impressed the Texans so far at camp, making one-handed and otherwise acrobatic catches.

â??You get excited, not only just about rookies they bring in on offense, you get excited about just players they bring in period because you know that they can come out and help your team,â?? Johnson said.

The Texans are hoping Hopkins will develop quickly so he can start opposite Johnson and take some pressure off the 32-year-old receiver this season.

â??Heâ??s a worker and he gets to sit next to No. 80 (Johnson) every day, so heâ??s learning from the right guy,â?? coach Gary Kubiak said. â??Heâ??s got all the ability and heâ??s being trusted or pushed in a very quick direction and thatâ??s what we think is best for our team.

Hopkins left school early after one of the best seasons in Clemson history for a receiver. The Central native had 82 catches for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns. Hopkins set ACC records for touchdown receptions in a season and consecutive games with at least one touchdown reception with 10.