Former Gamecock talks to Midlands students

Students had a chance to ask the Heisman Trophy winner and former Gamecock winner questions

COLUMBIA (WACH)--Former Gamecock football player and Heisman trophy winner George Rogers visited fourth and fifth graders Tuesday at Nursery Road Elementary School.

Five students from the GOLD team had a chance to talk to Rogers about their goals and ask the football standout questions.

"Did you have a lot of homework and did you get A's and B's when you were in school?" asked one fourth grade student.

"No, no, and no," said Rogers "but I studied hard and did my best and I never gave up and neither can you kids. No matter what you have to try to get better from year to year don't just do well right now and then stop."

George Rogers established the George Foundation of the Carolinas, Inc. in 1991 to help at-risk youth and provide financial support to students seeking post-secondary eduacation.

Officials at Nursery Road Elementary School say having a positive role model like Rogers come in to speak to the GOLD team students is inspiring and will hopefully encourage other students to stay focused and continue to study hard.

The GOLD team at Nursery Road Elementary prepares students to become good leaders in and out of school by teaching the students life's strategies.